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Nothing like a little Facebook Trolling

People are so sensitive, and so stupid. It'd be a shame not to take advantage of this
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Facebook Trolling with Mr. Burrow!

My personal opinion is that facebook is 100% a mean to make fun of people and fu*k with people. This is what i came up with today!
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Porn on a plane? TITS OR GTFO!11

This song basically describes my feelings..

You might have noticed alot of fuss about this Christian woman that apparently didn't appreciate a man looking at some porn on a plane. I say let him do what he wants, as long as its under the blanket..


Do i have your vote?


Getting lost at BestBuy

I finally got my Iphone 4s, and i must say -- awesome phone. I downloaded a bunch off apps like angry birds and Girlfriend simulator by konami. So i decided to spend my day with my new toy and sat back took a few shrooms. All was good playing games was suddenly 3D and i could feel the vibration through my spine every-time i crashed in a car game.

Then i stumbled over an ad for a bunch of cool accessories, cant quite remember what they where now but i decided to go to Best Buy and pick it up with the coupon code i got from the advert.
Found this on my car :D

Well there i went in and tried to locate the iphone department, ended up staring at cds for half an hour, when i finally snapped out of it i tried again to find the right department. Then theres a big gap between rainforest cafe (probably never happened) and a staff member telling me to leave the staff only part of the store.
Next thing i woke up at home with like 10 angry birds plush toys, one of the ripped to pieces.
I later found a note saying:
Dear Burruw you got lost in our store (BestBuy) we helped you home after you cleaned our stock of angry birds toys. Hope you made it home safe oh and left you the muffins in your car, Best regards Mike'
They probably thought i was retarded..
BestBuy muffins lol


October Fest in Germany

So i just came back from my trip to Germany.
 There was OktoberFest while i was there, if you dont know Oktoberfest is more or less a beer drinking carnival that germans have every year.
And a lot of beer was consumed, the parts i remebered where as you can guess quite hectic.

It began with some friendly germans offering to guide me through M√ľnchen, we introduced each other then went to get some beer. And damn their beer glasses are HUGE, like 2 gallon glasses. I didn't realise at first how big they where so i almost dropped it when i lifted it, and the germans laughed at me and hit me in the back. The next one i wanted to show how manly i was, so i sweeped it down quickly. The germans where at first impressed, and i started to smile. Then out of nowhere i had the whole beer on me... Appareantely there is some kind of vacum formed inside the glas at the end, making it hard to drink that fast. And yet again i was ridiculed as the cute american. But so far i had very fun.

Now it starts to get a little blurry, the last thing i remember is the music.
Ompah ompah music, german folkmusik. In my state i enjoyed it very much and after oogling the band for 20 minutes i decided id help them play. They where very friendly and introduced me on stage and showed me quickly how to play what seemed to be the biggest accordion i've ever seen. I cant have been good at it because when the band leader let go of it i fell with the accordion over me. They let me lay there and just laughed, then they played a tune about the funny Burrow on a harmonica.
All in all a good weekend.


How i killed my neighbours gecko

U-Haul truck
Recently a new family moved in next to me, and this is the story of me trying to welcome them, and perhaps failing too..
They moved in to an apartment where nobody has been living for years, so i came as quite a shock too me when a U-Haul guy ringed the doorbell wanting to return my hidden adult movies that had hidden there for years now. I was embarrassed he found them and also mad that i couldn't keep it there anymore. Then again i couldn't help but feel happy too see that dusty old box again. Btw it's for sale on craigslist The one problem i had was the mushrooms that i had stuffed away i the ventilation of that apartment..

My quest began to get them back!
I went up early the next day and made some brownies, some for me and some for the new neighbors. Then after lunch i went over with the brownies to greet them. They where very nice and invited me for coffee, which was just according to plans! After i finished my coffee and a brownie i asked to use the restroom, and that was of-course to retrieve my hidden loot! They probably wondered why, seeing as i live next door, but oh well..
Woops my bad!
I entered the toilet and some boxes where standing on the floor, i stepped on one of them and removed the grid from the vent. Took the bag and.. my foot went right through the box and i heard i quiet shriek and then nothing. All was good i probably hadn't destroyed anything in the box. Then i thanked for the coffee and went on home.
As i walked in the hallway i noticed a greenish slime on my shoe.. I wiped it off but didn't care all that much. Now three more things happened after this.

1. I felt kinda weird and noticed to my horror they got MY brownies.. Well at-least they will enjoy moving in.

2. i ate some of the mushrooms i had picked up and put on a movie,  It was Rango.

3. All too fittingly the man that had just moved in next door called me and asked i had any idea what happened to their gecko..  (thank god he had gotten my brownies and wasn't thinking clearly) It was in its terrarium in the box in the restroom and was now squished. I said no and gave my apologies for the pet. (crap i had freaking killed the gecko)
I later learned that they had that (1meter long) gecko for over 4 years. They where so sad that they moved again two weeks later.