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Oh shi... The craziest weekend ever.

Hello fellow Burrow fans, wow has this weekend been eventful! It began on friday afternoon after a hard day of work, (some nut job had spilled some white goo all over his keyboard.. ). Anyway so i was riding my Toyota prius down to my parents in Los Gatos Cali, the ride was pretty standard, drank decaf listened to my new katy perry cd, and kept wondering how my cityville city would do without me.
I arrived at noon the next day, driving all night, i might or might not have found some "proffesional company" over night. Either way like the smooth person i am i fell down the stairs when hugging my mom, (spotted a playground across the street. Oh well, so we go to the hospital, and i turns out i have a crack in my knee cap (damn rainbows) but it's not bad enough for the doctor to do anything about it. Then my weird grandma suggest i try medical maruijana. And the doctor dosen't even flinch, he writes me this perscription and off we go to a dispensary. That place was funny, i came in and got to choose different weed sort's, i choose some purple hash that smelled funny. And we went back to my parent's lake house.

There i decide to smoke this shit up because my knee hurts really bad, and wow i am impressed. I took my garden chair to the front yard so i had a plain view over the playground, just a side note that was the best day of my life. I sat there for hours smoking and grating my private parts.  That's when this van drives up to the house and out steps a huge black man with sunglasses, he shows me some kind of shiny plate (police badge?) and the next thing i know i'm in jail for watching the kids play. Appareantely some old menopause hag had called the cops on me, what's wrong with a middle aged man dreaming?  turn's out my marujiana licence dosen't count either because the nearest police house was outside the state of california. Great right? Well it get's better. After spending the night there they decide im harmless and i get to go, but they took my smokey :( .

And when i finally get back to the house i'm faced with even more awkwardness, my father apparently took the liberty to carry my bag down for me. but it wasn't closed, and do you think that blind ass saw that? no! And there he stands on the porch holding my brand spanking new alien fleshlite, when i walk up to me he of course asks me what it is, as he hasn't seen one before. Well what was i going to say? I quickly grasped it and held it behind my back, you could see the shadow of it wobbling.. And i say without hesitating it is a neck support. End of that story at-least.

I quickly say goodbye and go to my car. On the ride home i get at-least a ton of marijuana (for my knee). And it was quite a standard trip, i stopped for some Ho-Ho at a motel, also i got a new cd with the best of mozart and other classical composers. Life is great although my weekend wasn't, and i can't help but wonder hoe my cityvile city is doing.. Those damn goals won't complete themselves you know!  What am i facing when i get home? One message on my answering machine, it's my father, and he has bought one of those "blue neck supporters", also he tells me about an alternative use he has found......

And that pretty much sums up the most carzy weekend of my life, also i'm thinking of growing grass in my closet now.         

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