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Today was a very productive day!

Finally things are starting to look better for me. I've had my shares of bad times, so i must say...
But today i woke up and decided to be a little productive. This is what came out of it :)

Well i finally got the car stereo fixed, i know its no luxury build but hey, it plays my Miley Cyrus well enough. 
Just bought a copy of her new cd, couldn't find any vinyl (figures), oh well this should do!

Ah this one i am particularly happy about, see some kiddo kicked my rear-view mirror off when i asked if he wanted some candy. Really i was just gonna give him some chocolate, really!

And more than a few policemen have had complaints about my lack of mirror, so this one should shut them up, i know driving safely is important, but it's not like i pay much attention to the road after smoking so much nasty anyway!
For those wondering how my mental evaluation went i was classified as a near schizofreniac, but its all good now. I came off lucky with only a heavy fine and some bruises around my sphincter after the night in prison.

Just need to fix something like this, i know my car isn't a van, but hey should still fit at least some kids right?


  1. Schizofreniac that sounds rather cool

  2. Hahaha, you're pretty damn funny. Following.

  3. Haha. Very entertaining life you live.

  4. Hahahha, the radio was a pretty good fix, and who said duck tape doesn't resolve the problem?

  5. Nice repairs. Top notch. I think they actually bring a little more value to that vehicle.

  6. i wonder if ur just joking with the pics xD still damn funny :P

  7. hahahah sick life, im enjoying this blog.

  8. Software developer for Microsoft? :D Get me a job, you daft lucker! Amazing blog man.

  9. lol I love the car radio man, thats awesome. I like your writing style too, reading this post has inspired me to go through your archive and read the rest of your blog.