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Getting lost at BestBuy

I finally got my Iphone 4s, and i must say -- awesome phone. I downloaded a bunch off apps like angry birds and Girlfriend simulator by konami. So i decided to spend my day with my new toy and sat back took a few shrooms. All was good playing games was suddenly 3D and i could feel the vibration through my spine every-time i crashed in a car game.

Then i stumbled over an ad for a bunch of cool accessories, cant quite remember what they where now but i decided to go to Best Buy and pick it up with the coupon code i got from the advert.
Found this on my car :D

Well there i went in and tried to locate the iphone department, ended up staring at cds for half an hour, when i finally snapped out of it i tried again to find the right department. Then theres a big gap between rainforest cafe (probably never happened) and a staff member telling me to leave the staff only part of the store.
Next thing i woke up at home with like 10 angry birds plush toys, one of the ripped to pieces.
I later found a note saying:
Dear Burruw you got lost in our store (BestBuy) we helped you home after you cleaned our stock of angry birds toys. Hope you made it home safe oh and left you the muffins in your car, Best regards Mike'
They probably thought i was retarded..
BestBuy muffins lol
Sticking to these from now on..

LOOL and i cant find my iphone anymore


  1. Those must be some good shrooms... Cupcakes look great too :D

  2. LOL. I hope you will find your iPhone :)

  3. capitalistic shit mega corporations...