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October Fest in Germany

So i just came back from my trip to Germany.
 There was OktoberFest while i was there, if you dont know Oktoberfest is more or less a beer drinking carnival that germans have every year.
And a lot of beer was consumed, the parts i remebered where as you can guess quite hectic.

It began with some friendly germans offering to guide me through M√ľnchen, we introduced each other then went to get some beer. And damn their beer glasses are HUGE, like 2 gallon glasses. I didn't realise at first how big they where so i almost dropped it when i lifted it, and the germans laughed at me and hit me in the back. The next one i wanted to show how manly i was, so i sweeped it down quickly. The germans where at first impressed, and i started to smile. Then out of nowhere i had the whole beer on me... Appareantely there is some kind of vacum formed inside the glas at the end, making it hard to drink that fast. And yet again i was ridiculed as the cute american. But so far i had very fun.

Now it starts to get a little blurry, the last thing i remember is the music.
Ompah ompah music, german folkmusik. In my state i enjoyed it very much and after oogling the band for 20 minutes i decided id help them play. They where very friendly and introduced me on stage and showed me quickly how to play what seemed to be the biggest accordion i've ever seen. I cant have been good at it because when the band leader let go of it i fell with the accordion over me. They let me lay there and just laughed, then they played a tune about the funny Burrow on a harmonica.
All in all a good weekend.


  1. I LOL'd. No actually, I lied. not even slightly funny. You used to be funny. What happened?